Re-Align (™) Metamorphosis

– a somatic-based training for coaches, therapists, and corporate professionals who want to experience and facilitate the most safe and deeply effective transformation.

Re-Align (™)…


Re-align Coaching

Re-Align (™) Metamorphosis is…

…my most exclusive, deep, all-incorporating, consciousness bending offering where I not only get to facilitate the most profound processes of your life but also get to teach you all the ins and outs of working with a human being (read: body) on all levels and through all layers (physical, emotional, energetic).

… a regenerative and sustainable quantum leap in your personal and professional human experience.

…. an exclusive 5-month small group accelerating container (max 10 up-levelled professionals and entrepreneurs) that will hold you in remembering your true essence, and in reinventing yourself in ways you didn’t know were possible AND will give you the knowledge and the confidence to apply the practices such as breath work, energy work, somatics, embodiment, nervous system regulation with the people you work with.

Expect a container that will provide safety, privacy, and challenge and boost you to the next level and beyond. This container will not only transform you but also the influence you have on other people around you (family, friends, professional relationships) creating a beautiful ripple effect throughout your whole human experience.  

Theory & knowledge

Skill application

Personal transformation

You’ll want this if:

– you are an entrepreneur: a coach, a therapist, a trainer, a teacher, a facilitator

– you are a professional who leads a team, a manager, a leader, a CEO

– you work with people

– you want to become a stronger leader, and a powerful space holder, to lead from the widened somatic (body) and nervous system capacity

– you want to enrich your work with body-based practices, so you can communicate and facilitate change on the level of the nervous system

– you want to explore different levels of consciousness to be the most expansive version of yourself possible

– you want to connect deeper with your subtle (energy) body to embrace all aspects of your being even more fully, so there is no resistance, and you are able to make everyday life choices from the place of awareness

– you want to become an embodied leader of your life 

Reasons to join:

– Learn to radically transform pain, trauma, stress and challenge into healing, growth, purpose and greater resilience 

– De-domesticate your body, mind, and spirit 

– Rewire your own body on the cellular level (all psychology is misunderstood physiology!)

– Rewire your mind (dive into embodied cognition)

– Learn to connect with your inner genius, your inner knowing, and your intuition on a deeper and more multifaceted level

– Take a regenerative and sustainable quantum leap in your own growth journey and healing and up-level your own human experience, so you have a sense of a clear and aligned direction, and purpose. So you experience more joy and ease on a daily. Achieving way more with less. Experiencing the flow consciousness (vs an occasional flow state) 

– Gain knowledge and confidence in applying somatic-based modalities, such as nervous system regulation, breath work, embodiment, deep relaxation practices to be able to facilitate and support the most natural, easeful, and sustainable personal and collective transformation

– Learn and hone the craft of space holding – the most valuable skill to have these challenging days 

The structure:

5 months – start in September

6 live days on-site near Den Bosch: Sept 7th; Oct 5th, Nov 2nd, Dec 7th, Jan 4th, Feb 1st, Mar 2nd (closing ceremony). From 9 am till 4 pm, diving deep into your personal transformation, undergoing and experiencing different approaches and modalities and diving deep into the underlying theory of it

5 online Zoom sessions, 2 hours long — dates tbd. Knowledge-based and practice sessions to integrate each topic deeper. All sessions will be recorded and made available to you. 

Practices and tasks to complete on your own with the group support  

A workbook

1 private 1-on-1 session with me to dive deeper into your personal process (timing of your choice)

Online Community Support — Discord community for fast and streamlined communication and support

Online knowledge database (with links and resources) — on Notion platform 

Language: English 

Participation in this program is application only. To apply, please fill in the form. If I feel that you are a good fit for this program and the group, we will have a 30-minute call to discuss it further:

Re-Align (™) Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is all about reinventing yourself and the (professional) roles you’re meant to fulfill in this lifetime. It will challenge you to reconsider your current position, influence, and the role you play in your life.

You will be able to become a stronger anchor and provide clearer and stronger leadership as a result of you being more aware and present in your own energy. You will be able to differentiate your own energy more clearly from the energy of others, allowing you to show up as a stronger role model and a leader in your personal and professional life. Not only the way you see yourself will change but also the way other people see and respect you. On a daily basis, this can show up as having stronger boundaries, being able to pinpoint mismatches and miscommunications, emotional conflict, establishing healthy authority, or empowering people around you. 

Being able to continuously trust your inner guidance, despite the mind chatter (that very often stands in the way of the bigger intelligence that your body does have access to). Continuously building and strengthening the confidence and trust to follow your internal navigation and body wisdom. This can look like course correcting your career, role, personal life, AND your identity that is built based on all the storylines that you’ve collected throughout your life. 

This program WILL initiate an identity shift: the way you see yourself and also the way other people perceive you. 

Metamorphosis will give you clear insights into your life’s purpose and direction.  

Reinventing yourself.

Through this training, you will be able to experience and hold yourself in all of your complexity and the purity and simplicity of who you are. You will dive deep into your inner and outer landscape using the practices of deep energy work, nervous system regulation, breath work, voice liberation, embodied movement, somatics, yoga Nidra, and meditation.

As a result, you will access a body-wide shift to a state of psychophysiological coherence. When your whole being is working in resonance with itself and with Nature (God, Universe, Higher Power). Increased state of harmony in your energetic (emotional), psychological (mental), and physiological (bodily) processes. A state of optimal function. You will access the intelligence of your body, which is inherently attuned to work synergistically in coherence and resonance.

You will also become comfortable and confident in applying these principles in your work so you will be able to hold the most potent and safe space for people you work with. 

 Exchange: €3500,- ex VAT

Although payment in full is my preferred option for the clear energy exchange, interest-free and shame-free payment plans are available. Reach out to find an option that will work for both of us.

And this is me – Katja, your guide through your personal and professional Metamorphosis, a founder of Re-Align (™) Method. 

Re-Align (™) Method is a unique combination of nervous system regulation, energy work, body work, breath work, voice liberation, hypnosis, embodied movement, somatics, yoga Nidra, and meditation. It teaches you radical self-expression, self-acceptance, self-love, self-regulation, self-sovereignty and self-sufficiency. 

It is based on years of personal experience, hundreds of hours of education and training (+700h last year only), and thousands of hours of facilitation (1-on-1 and group).