I facilitate expansion for those who feel the call to fully enjoy & engage in their human experience. Let’s take liberation to a whole other level! 

I am a breath worker, breath & movement therapy specialist, and energy worker. I went from being burnt out, chronically ill, constantly being in pain and unhappy, to developing extraordinary focus, fitness, and personal freedom. I have 16 years of experience working in corporate, 6 of those years on the C-level. My whole life I was interested in breath and movement and how they affect our bodies and minds.

Since 2020 I am running my own company RE-ALIGN where I am teaching people to find their own power again, to be the healthiest, happiest, and most liberated versions of themselves through transformative experiences, nervous system healing, and achieving the full range of (e)motion. Finding the inner freedom and power to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Re-align Coaching

Infinite Metamorphosis & Internal Alchemy

The energy body is the collection of invisible forces that shape our lives, and through somatics and breath, we can explore how to realign the physical, emotional, and energy body to truly unlock our core potential. 

We can activate internal alchemy by dissolving the old and rigid and coagulating it into something functional that will actually help us.

The truth is that we’re all connected – to each other, to our environment, and to the global energy field. And when those vibrational connections are out of balance, it can feel like everything (or some parts) is off-kilter.

I know how it feels to want something more from life – and from yourself.

Some of my credentials: 

About my Re-Align (™) Method

Re-Align (™) Method is based on the principles of physiology, neurology, and psychology.

It is all about a body-wide shift to a state of psychophysiological coherence. When your whole being is working in resonance with itself and with Nature (God, Universe, Higher Power). Increased state of harmony in your energetic (emotional), psychological (mental), and physiological (bodily) processes. A state of optimal function. 

Your physiological systems function more efficiently, you experience greater emotional stability, you have increased mental clarity and improved cognitive function, you feel better and lighter. Simply stated, your body (including your brain), mind, and spirit work together and better (although I don’t really separate them, they are one). You feel better, and you perform better. The whole human experience becomes easier, more smooth and enjoyable. 

 Re-Align (™) Method is built on three pillars: 

Physical Body

Energetic & Emotional Body

Transpersonal Body

I have a heightened energy awareness, I am a powerful energy worker, I am able to generate and hold a very potent energy field (aka space holding) to allow for the free flow of energy, blood, nourishment, and oxygen through your body (brain included) without any resistance and tension. I have a very wide variety of tools I employ to work with the energetic, emotional, and physical roots of the dis-ease and misalignment: energy work, bodywork, breathwork, embodied movement, neuro-mechanical drills, somatics, voice liberation. All based on hundreds of hours of continuous studying of neurology, physiology, and psychology and guiding hundreds of people through deep processes (thousands of hours of facilitation). 

As a result, your energy is flowing, and there are no blockages anymore. Your physical, emotional and mental blockages dissolve in an ecological and soft way so your entire life becomes easier, freer, and much more enjoyable.


My mission in life is to leave everybody I meet with at least 5% more joy and happiness than I found them. When I see smiles on people’s faces and sparkles in their eyes, I feel so much compassion, gratitude, and warmth within me. I believe that the highest purpose in life is to be of service.